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Company Policy


Teknik Bombe commits to implement a business philosophy that is based on open communication, customer service integrity, social responsibility, fair and close approach to employees.

Teknik Bombe establishes and uses systems to evaluate its performance of primary objectives covering elements such as health, safety, quality, environment and customer satisfaction.

In order to enhance efficiency and productivity, Teknik Bombe continuously monitors its objectives through different methods including internal audits, data analysis, performance assessment and corrective & preventive actions.


  • Customer needs and expectations are of the utmost importance for Teknik Bombe. Starting with a clear definition of customer needs and expectations, Teknik Bombe aims to meet and exceed needs and expectations of its customers.
  • Conforming to related standards and customer-specific conditions, Teknik Bombe aims to establish and improve processes that ensure consistency in quality, high safety, and cost efficiency.
  • Teknik Bombe recognizes that suppliers and business partners are the part of the system, and follows closely their development.
  • With its commercial approach and quality understanding, Teknik Bombe always aims to maintain mutual trust, customer satisfaction and long-term business relations.


  • Teknik Bombe is comitted to equal employment opportunities and supports cultural diversity in society.
  • Knowing that the path to customer satisfaction passes through employee satisfaction, Teknik Bombe pays close attention to improving employees' life standard and welfare.
  • Teknik Bombe highlights the importance of team spirit for success and based on workers' consultation and participation, commitment to worker representative, TEKNIK BOMBE aims to strengthen team spirit through education and communication.
  • Teknik Bombe undertakes to carry out required activities to create and maintain a successful and healthy working environment based on honesty and integrity. Complying with legal/other requirements
  • TEKNIK BOMBE undertakes to provide safe and healthy working enviroment to prevent work-related injuries and poor health, by taking necessary precautions to create this environment, to eliminate dangers and to reduce OHS risks.


  • Teknik Bombe is determined to support the environment and society.
  • Teknik Bombe aims to prevent any negative effect of its facility to environment and improve its environment by setting down environmental objectives, creating awareness among the employees and constantly monitoring environmental performance.
  • Teknik Bombe is committed to take required precautions and comply with legal necessities for creating and maintaining a healthy environment. It is committed to protecting the environment.

    MANAGING DIRECTOR 03.02.2023

  • Inonu Mah. Gebze Plastikciler OSB, 91.Sokak
    No:5/1, 41400 Gebze / Kocaeli - TURKEY
    T: +90-262-751 31 31 (pbx), F: +90-262-751 31 39
    E-Mail: info@teknikbombe.com